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3 Tips for Saving Money on Your Heating Bills

From the common cold to pneumonia, you and your family will be liable to face all manner of health complications if you fail to keep your home warm. It is for this reason why you must invest in a proficient level of indoor heating.

Worried that you don’t have the financial capacity to stay on top of your home’s heating demands? There are many things you can do to lower your bills in this instance.

Want to find out more about what you can do to save money on your energy expenses? If so, be sure to read on

Get to grips with your heating system

Getting to grips with your heating system is the first step that you must take in your quest to lower the cost of your energy bills. Once you garner a better understanding of this utility, you will be better positioned to use it in a far more efficient, effective, and ultimately optimised fashion going forward.

Quite simply, taking some time to understand how your heating system operates is one of the essential tasks that you face as a homeowner. When you decide to take on the crucial challenge, be sure to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How long does your home take to heat up/cool down? How does this impact when you need to switch your heating system on/off?
  2. Is your thermostat positioned in a well-ventilated area? Is it allowed to sense the true temperature of your house, or does furniture block your property’s free flow of air?
  3. Do you have the same temperature routine every day, or do you require flexibility about when your heating system switches on? For the former, consider investing in a mechanical timer; for the latter, consider purchasing either a programmer or a smart thermostat.

smart heating thermostat

Invest in an efficient boiler

Regardless of which pieces of the above advice you choose to heed, you’re never truly going to save money on your utilities until you invest in an efficient boiler. With a modern heating system in place, you won’t have to worry about your boiler losing the heat that it generates, simply because it won’t be forced to transport air through vents or ducts. Ultimately, this will save you from consuming an excessive amount of energy, which in turn will have a profound positive impact on your monthly heating bills.

If you want to keep your brand-new energy-efficient heater in tip-top condition, it’s essential that you invest in a quality maintenance service. With our dedicated team of engineers by your side, your boiler will have the capacity to operate in an optimised fashion over a sustained period of time.

Want to find out more about the expert installation, repair, and maintenance services that we provide? If so, be sure to get your free personalised boiler servicing quote today.

Refrain from drying clothes on radiators

As tempting as it might be to drape wet clothes on warm radiators during the winter season… don’t! This might be a quick, easy, and practical drying route to take, but it will be sure to lower the quality of the heat that your radiators release before too long. This will force your boiler to run longer to reach a normal room temperature, which will result in you using up more energy overall.

You don’t necessarily need to be held to ransom by your heating bills. If you put the above advice into practice, you will be sure to significantly reduce your utility costs.



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